Web Radio- Hello Voters


Web Radio-Hello Voters



The Election Commission of India, under its flagship voter awareness programme – SVEEP, constantly undertakes innovative and exciting outreach initiatives to promote ethical and informed voting behaviour across the country.

Radio has proved to be one of the most popular media for voter outreach initiatives. Over the years, all forms of radio including All India Radio, Private FMs and Community Radio have been extensively used for information sharing and motivation building among voters of all ages and backgrounds.

Lately, our society has witnessed a rapid shift towards greater reliance on digital media, which got further accelerated after the onset of the COVID pandemic. Today web radio has also become very famous. The SVEEP Programme took notice of this change in media consumption pattern of a large section of the electorate and decided to seize the opportunity.

Further expanding the scope of its digital outreach interventions, On the occasion of 11th National Voters’ Day 2021 Honorable president of India has launched web Radio ‘Hello Voters’ an initiative of Election Commission of India. The 24×7 online web radio service will stream voter awareness programmes on Election Commission of India website. The edutainment programming style of Radio Hello Voters has been envisaged to match that of popular FM radio format and will include songs, drama, discussions, podcasts, spots, parodies etc. from different states from all over the country.