Subdivision & Blocks

The Collectorate is divided into 8 sections as per the administrative reforms taken up by the Government of Telangana. An alphabet letter is given to each section for easy reference.
Section A :: Deals with Establishment and Office Procedures.
Section B :: Deals with Accounts and audit.
Section C :: Deals with Magisterial (Court/Legal) matters.
Section D :: Deals with Land Revenue and relief.
Section E :: Deals with Land Administration.
Section F :: Deals with Land Reforms.
Section G :: Deals with Land Acquisition.
Section H :: Deals with Protocol, Elections and Residua work.

Sub Divisional Offices::

The District is divided into 2 Sub divisions for administrative convenience. A Sub division is headed by a Revenue Divisional Officer in the rank of a Deputy Collector or a Sub – Collector in Cadre of IAS. He is the Sub Divisional Magistrate having jurisdiction over his division. An administrative Officer in the Cadre of a Tahsildar assists in administration. The Sub divisional Offices are a replica of Collectorate in the matter of number of sections and they act as intermediary in the administrative setup.