Karimnagar District occupies an important place not only in the Telangana region but also in the state of AP in terms of historical and cultural heritage. It stands second in Telangana in area production of paddy. It has huge coal deposits. Important crops in the district are paddy, green gram, sugar cane, maize, jowar, red gram and chilli. Commercial crops are Cotton, oil seeds are ground nut, sunflower, castor. Important Horticulture crops are mango, citrus, sweet orange. Main rivers are Manair and the Godavari. The main source of irrigation for agriculture is Kakatiya canal of Sriram sagar. Major irrigation upper and lower Manair. The important tourist places are vemulawada Kaleshwaram, Dharmapuri andKondagattu Hanuman Temple near Jagityal. These are the Hindu religious places.