Karimnagar Cable Bridge


Cable Bridge
Carries Four lane Carriageway, width of Bridge 21.5mtrs ,Total length 138 No’s(Balanced Cantilever Method)
Crosses Manair River
Design Cable-stayed bridge
Total length 500 mtrs
Construction cost 183 crore rupees
Inauguration Proposed On 21st June,2023

Karimnagar Cable Bridge is a cable bridge (cable bridge) in Karimnagar town in Telangana state. It is a state-of-the-art, high-strength cable-stayed bridge over the Maneru River below the Lower Maner Dam. This cable bridge, built by the Telangana government as part of Karimnagar urban development, won the award at the national level in the Outstanding Concrete Structure-2021


Vehicles going from Karimnagar town towards Warangal and Hyderabad have to cross Alugunoor Bridge causing frequent traffic problems. This bridge was constructed with a length of 500 meters at a cost of 183 crore rupees to solve the traffic problem. After crossing the Maneru river from Karimnagar Kaman through the housing board, it will be linked to the Warangal highway from Sadashivapalli under Manakondur constituency. This will also reduce the distance to Warangal by seven kilometers.Built with foreign technology to attract tourists, this cable bridge has 220 meter high pylons on both sides and connects the pylons with 136 segments without any hindrance to boat travel in Maneru River.


Load testing was conducted from 25th to 29th June 2021 in the presence of road and building authorities to test the capacity of this bridge. The capacity of the bridge was tested at different stages for five days. As part of the test procedures, a total weight of 950 tones (28 tippers on the bridge filled with sandbags of 30 tons each. The weight of 28 sand tippers is 840 tones) was placed on the main span of the bridge on 25th and 26th. Apart from this, sandbags of 110 tones capacity (55 tones per side) were also placed on the developed footpaths on both sides of the bridge. Sensors were installed at 7 places under the bridge and checked by the authorities every hour. On the 29th, 20 vehicles were filled with sand and sandbags were placed on the footpaths to assess the capacity of the bridge.


Cable Bridge at karimnagar on River mainair

Karimnagar Cable Bridge Updates: Karimnagar Manair River front Project

Cable bridge construction in Karimnagar via Vlogger.

Salient Features of Cable