Agriculture and Co-operation

The Department of Agriculture has been created mainly to provide Agricultural Extension services to farmers and to transfer the latest technical knowledge to the farming community. The objectives of the Department are to assess requirements of agriculture inputs well in advance and to regulate their production and monitor timely supply of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, implements, credit etc., to farmers. The Department also performs the statutory functions under various acts and regulations (i.e., quality control) to ensure supply of quality inputs i.e., Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides to farmers etc.

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Department Profile:

Vision and Mission:


To enable each and every farmer achieve sustainable and economical agriculture productivity.

Mission of the Department:

  • Attain 6% Growth Rate and Increased Returns on investment to farmers through improved Technology
  • Effective Extension Reach
  • Mechanisation, Marketing tie up, Adequate Credit, Crop Insurance

Functions of the Department:

The Department of Agriculture is performing following functions in the process of sustainable agricultural development.


  • Ensuring quality & timely input supply
  • Input Regulation
  • Soil Testing
  • Fertilizer Testing
  • Seed Testing
  • Pesticides Testing
  • Generating Land Resources Database
  • Facilitating Credit
  • Facilitating Crop Insurance
  • The department has enabled the delivery of some of above mentioned services like soil testing, fertilizer, seed, pesticide testing, Input regulation and farm mechanization to farmers through use of Information Technology

Capacity building of farmers

  • Organizing pre seasonal Training – Rythu Chaitanya Yatra
  • Organizing Rythu Sadassus
  • Regular Trainings & Demonstrations through Farmers Trainings Centres
  • Fertilizer Testing
  • Exposure visits
  • Pesticides Testing
  • Special training for Farm Women

Re-engineering of Extension Approach

  • Annual orientation / capacity enhancement of all the Agril. Extension Staff
  • Workshops on Crop Specific Strategies
  • Regional Conferences
  • Training to staff at SAMETI

Strengthening Research & Extension Linkage

  • DAATT Centres
  • KVK, ARS